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Studies have found the following self care methods have helped tremendously in allowing those with fibromyalgia to live their best life:

Yoga and Meditation can help relax the mind and nervous system to allow you to handle any adversities that arise in the day.

Daily exercise keeps the body moving, stretched and loosened. Work with someone who understands your personal limitations, they can encourage you through those tough days and help you get stronger and increase your activity level when you are able without pushing you too hard.

Eating a healthy balanced anti-inflammatory diet. You can view our blogs about what foods help reduce inflammation here

Herbs & other natural supplements have been proven to reduce symptoms as well. Discuss your personal needs with a herbalist, functional medicine practitioner or a registered natural health practitioner to see if/what is best for your needs.

Acupuncture can help with many of the symptoms you may be having. Acupuncture is proven to reduce pain/inflammation, fatigue, IBS/IBD, cognitive dysfunction and many more.

In a study performed by the National Institute of Health ozone therapy gave 70% of the participants a greater than 50% decrease in their symptoms. This type of therapy is getting widely recognized by many for its many benefits.

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