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Fibromyalgia; the chronic condition that has no known cause or cure; the chronic condition that is different for everyone; the chronic condition that looks normal on the outside but causes pain, fatigue and cognitive dysfunction on the inside.

Those with fibromyalgia are too familiar with the frustration this condition brings and possibly gives a feeling of hopelessness of feeling better. You may feel depressed, angry and have a “why me” attitude.

Those who love or are living with someone with fibromyalgia may feel angry, depressed or a loss for “how things were”. You may wonder how you can help them feel better, be more supportive when they have a flare up or ask yourself if you are being supportive enough.

Newer studies have found self care methods have helped tremendously in allowing those with fibromyalgia to live their best life. Check out our next blog to see what methods can help you or a loved one.

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