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What makes your heart happy?

A happy heart is more than just physical activity and eating balanced meals. Keeping your heart happy is an emotional job as well.

Anything you do that allows your face and mind to smile allows your heart to smile as well. Connecting with others, engaging in activities you enjoy, relaxing or helping others are some favorite happy heart activities.

-Take a hike in nature

-Do some yoga in the park or on the beach. Many communities in your area offer yoga outside

-Enjoy sitting with your pet in the park or go to the humane society if you don’t have a pet

-Have coffee or tea with someone you enjoy being around

-Make time for meditation and/or journaling

-Go dancing

-Go fishing

-Read a book

-Volunteer for a cause you feel connected to

-Call a friend you enjoy talking to

When you smile, your heart and whole body smiles too. Go find your smile!